SIMONE OLIVIA MORITZ was born in Prien am Chiemssee, Germany, in 1985. 

Her family that always had great interest in art andher humanistic education have been of great influence on her. She soon felt a strong desire to become a professional painter and continuously pursued this goal.

After finishing her diploma in Art and Latin she worked for two years as an assistant in a painter‘s studio while doing freelance commissions, including clients such as BMW. In 2006 she enrolled at the Florence Academy of Art to deepen her studies and achieve the tools needed to express herself as an artist. She has been teaching at the Academy since 2009. 
Since 2011 she has been the Director of the Drawing in Sculpture Program, but also gives numerous workshops throughout the year.

Her work is represented by galleries in New York and Leipzig and her paintings are in collections throughout Europe and the USA, including collection Michael Huffington and Dr. Richard Massey.
Enriched by the international and creative environment, as well as by thebeauty and history of Italy she enjoys living and working in Florence.